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 Sideshow 59 is the studio-project-band of two brothers (Kodi Vanei and Loki Levittikkus) from a small town in a state that most people don't know is part of the US (New Mexico).

The project was founded in 2004 by a then fourteen-year-old Kodi and nine-year-old Loki in an attempt to pay homage to their musician father J. Vanei (Restless Breed, Small Town Boys, Eternal Ryde).  In the beginning,  Sideshow 59 was intended only as a means to perform and record previously unreleased songs written by J. Vanei in tribute.  

As time progressed, both Kodi and Loki began studying, and learning, various aspects of the art of sound engineering.  In 2007 they completed construction on their first home-studio modification: a Vocal Isolation Booth.  With that, and the purchase of a lot of expensive-for-a-damn-teenager equipment, they sparked the creation of D.i.D Productions.  Shortly thereafter, both Kodi and Loki began to toy with the idea of writing.  

They spent the next six years experimenting with various written pieces in their home recording studio - the result of which was the debut album for Sideshow 59 (a compilation of twelve songs) titled, "Free Admission Vol. I."  It's first official release was in January of 2013.  

Roughly a year later, Sideshow 59 released it's second album in March of 2014 (a compilation of 13 songs) titled, "Free Admission Vol. II."  Both albums are available for free streaming to anyone and free download to all D.i.D Members.  
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Sideshow 59

Recorded in my bedroom closet. All the things that needed to be said.

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    Spin 4:14
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    Lucid 4:24
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    Paths 4:54
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  9. 9
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    Red 4:22
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Free Admission Vol. II

Sideshow 59

Sideshow 59's second album, "Free Admission Vol. II."

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Free Admission Vol. I

Sideshow 59

Sideshow 59's Debute Album "Free Admission Vol. I."

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