1. Headed Home

From the recording Free Admission Vol. I


I lived my life
As blind as open faith
And I took the roads
That I was told to take
But now I’ll take my place
Amongst the fallen stars
I Wish I’d known taking this road
Would end up being so hard

But now I’m headed home

Some have said to me
How they can’t wait to leave
And when they’ve gone
Can they hear when we weep
And as I look back now
I’ve few regrets in life
Mistakes and words unsaid
Can now be left behind

Now that I’m headed home

Tombstones and broken dreams
Are all you’ll find left of me
To only those that I’ll miss
That’s all that’s needed to see
Should I have had more time
I would have said my goodbyes
But this will be the last
Of swell, sleepless nights

Now that I’m headed home