. C r a c k a J a c k .

R A P  |  H I P H O P
"... What the Hell kind of name is CrackaJack?!" It all began when a young boy who was raised in a house full of musicians felt the need to make everybody laugh at him. Starting as a Parody of certain artists that the young boy either found funny or didnt take seriously, He began rapping about being the hardest white gangster to have ever walked the fictional world. "Bernard White!" would be heard in almost every song. Lots of laughs came from this Joke of a rapper who was only about thirteen years old.

Eventually, while dealing with way more then just recording problems, the young boy started experiencing anger and frustration from many different situations in his life. Suddenly when trying to make people laugh, he made people uncomfortable. Instead of the usual people laughing there was only one voice who laughed at this maze he could not beat. So it was then, around the age of fourteen, that the boy painted a clowns face onto his own, even when NOTHING was funny. Music became so much more then just a parody making fun of rappers and himself. Parody took an odd turn when the boy started making fun of the world and everything negative in it. Parody Became his filter in order to get such frustration and anger out. 

CrackaJack started to smile again even when those listening were frowning. The writer in the boy came out.  With a dark, parody-like fashion, and along side his brothers, he created many different worlds and universes with the intention of 
bringing to light a part of the real world that everyone ignores. Suddenly, instead of songs that were pure humor, the brothers began writing sound tracks to these universes.

Enter the fictional world that exaggerates every bit of darkness in the real world to a proportion of unforgivable size. In the Album Strangers Words" Follow the character known as "The Stranger" in his path of destruction that will lead him to unimaginable responsibilities. In the Album "Session", Listen to the words from the young mind that did not know where to fit in when it came to music. As for the rest of the albums to come, they will only be themed by what is to be expected when listening to the darker side of Parody Music.

No label can Identify these tunes and only CERTAIN minds may be attracted to them. As for CrackaJack, He still possesses the young writter to this day in order to exsist and thrive through music. Indulge in the one thing that no one can stand, and forever imagine the world through the eyes of a bad joke...

. A l b u m s | D o w n l o a d .

Strangers Words


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