From the recording Free Admission Vol. II


I sit and watch the sun set fade 
With ease to black and white
With a cigarette in my left hand 
I'm strumming with my right 
the air is cold, and I'm alone 
But it comes as no surprise  
As the body's getting older 
it mutes the child inside 
The  streaming wind hides a scent 
That's much like the fireplace  
It takes me back to a time I know 
There is not a chance to erase  
I'm ten years old, and my arm's asleep 
But I'll play till I get it right 
Dad's been sitting across from me 
And we'll probably stay all night 
Say again - I'm asleep 
Stay, my friend - My need 
My therapy  
There are wandering people on every side 
And we're sitting atop the stage 
It's three A.M., and we're still outside 
With every reason to stay awake  
It's a summer night with the five of us 
And like brothers, we dream of fame  
Five years running for five years strong 
And my Pack is still the same  
Say again, I'm asleep 
Stay, my friend -My need 
My therapy
I was never the voice you thought I'd be 
And from here, I'm feeling right 
'Cause you were never the hold inside of me 
that kept me awake at night 
You see, the reason I'm always angry  
Is the reason I'm never right  
Keeping reason held at a distance  
There is no reason, in me, to fight  
Say again - I'm alive 
Stay, my friend - I won't hide  
Wait, my friend, let's be 
Stay again, my need 
My therapy