1. Subduction

From the recording Free Admission Vol. II


Kept away from the weight again
Of all my unseen friends
Who've promised not to mend
I'm still awake, and I'm giving in
This ain't where I should've been
And I can't see an end

I've kept away from all the things we've said - it wasn't good for me
Kept away from the need to break
I'm diving, head first, to the bottom of my silent, screaming need
And for a first, I am unafraid

The ache beneath my skin is real
And yet, I shouldn't feel
My thoughts escape me, still
I know I'm hard to reel back in
I know I'm burning sin
I know it's sink or swim

I fall below the part of me that I have hidden from the world
I've fallen passed my own intent
And when I land, I know, there's nothing I can say to make it right
We're left with nothing but regret

But just as sure as I am wrong
I haven't stumbled long
And I swear to finish strong
When "tough as nails" just ain't enough
I'm made to cast a bluff
And lean on the need for luck

Despite the constant way I skin my knees upon attempted strength
There's one fact left that can't be changed
I've eaten failure from the day I first began this endless chase
And I'm still standing, unafraid