First Update of 2012: New Tracks to Come / Downtime / Near Future Plans

 What's going on people?  It's been a while since we've given you guys an update on just what is happening here at D.i.D, so I'm gonna just jump right into it: 


We had a couple of months of downtime as far as material goes as a result of some financial, technical, and personal issues dealing with the minds behind D.i.D.  Rest assured, my friends, that these issues have been addressed, owed, and nullified as of this very moment.  We are now operating on brand new equipment in the studio, and I've got to say I am pretty fucking amped to beginning recording, and producing for your listening pleasure once more.  With the brand new equipment, editing and mixing is going to be one hundred times easier, and because of this fact, we here at D.i.D are going to be able to put out better quality music in, more or less, half the time it used to take us.  We will also be doing a bit of remodeling to the studio itself in early April that should, again, increase the efficiency of our production.  In short - lots of changes means lots of music in the Near Future! 


As part of the new inventory of Equipment, we are also looking at acquiring the necessities for finally getting the Film section of D.i.D up and running.  This means that you will not only have access to the music we put out, but also a library of cartoon, live action, and comic book material created by none other than the D.i.D Productions team.  There will be lots, and I do mean lots, of short skits and films, as well as cartoons and comics.  

... Not to mention - a SHIT load of music videos! 


Also being thrown around the table, while we're on the subject of new things in the near future, is the introduction of the D.i.D store where all of our D.i.D members will have access to various D.i.D products (that shall not be explained until it's launched - you guys are gonna fuckin' love it!).  We will update you on this more as we approach its unveiling.  


I'm also going to mention briefly that Sideshow 59 will be finished it's debut album, "Free Admission: Vol. I" with the last three songs on the album within the next few months while also releasing Vol. II to go along with it.  For those of you that are just now learning about this, Vol. II will be a collection of the songs on Vol. I in their most raw forms (what they began as in their infancy) - there will be a lot of acoustic guitar, piano, violin, and a lot less production.  Both volumes should, theoretically, mirror the two sides of the writing process used by Sideshow 59.  


Well, my friends, I know there is more that I'm sure I left out, but it is late and I must rest - gotta be ready for another day at the day job that funds us here at D.i.D.  


Keep listening! Watch out of the new stuff coming soon!  And I swear to keep you guys updated more often from now on. 


That is all for now! 



Kodi Vanei

D.i.D Productions

King Carnie