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Update - June 2013 

 Hello people,  

Now that we've finally found a few minutes away from the daily grind, we thought we'd write up a bit of an update to let you all know what's been happening here at D.i.D.  

 - First, there are a few updates on the progress of Sideshow 59's next album Free Admission Vol. II. There are now five new songs that have gone into production for the album:
  • Vertrag
  • Calloused
  • Dose
  • Subduction
  • In Rhyme and Riddle
For those that have been following the band since the Myspace days…Read more

Some New Stuff for 2013 

 What's going on, people?!  It's been a hell of a busy year so far! 

So lets dive right in:  

Sideshow 59 now has a track list of six songs for their newest album, "Free Admission Vol. II."  The list includes:  

Alpha (Stay Hungry)
Blink, Alice

All six songs are available for streaming on the Sideshow 59 profile page; however, none of the tracks from Vol. II will be available for download until the album is complete (won't be long now!).

Vol. I is, and will remain,…Read more

First Update of 2012: New Tracks to Come / Downtime / Near Future Plans 

 What's going on people?  It's been a while since we've given you guys an update on just what is happening here at D.i.D, so I'm gonna just jump right into it: 


We had a couple of months of downtime as far as material goes as a result of some financial, technical, and personal issues dealing with the minds behind D.i.D.  Rest assured, my friends, that these issues have been addressed, owed, and nullified as of this very moment.  We are now operating on brand new equipment in the studio, and I've got to…

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New Sideshow 59 Track "Leiser Schrei" 

What's up people! 

Just a real quick update to let you guys know that Sideshow 59 has put the latest track off their album Free Admission up onto the page!  it's called, "Leiser Schrei," and believe it or not, it actually features some of Kodi Vanei's attempts at pretending to play piano. 

I know.  Shocking. 

Go check it out!

Also, if you like what you hear, don't forget that if you create a profile here on D.i.D (free membership, of course) you can download any of our D.i.D artists' songs for free.…Read more

November 2011 Updates 

Just a quick update for the month of November -

We have finally gotten the CrackaJack page up and functioning perfectly.  However, it is nowhere near completed.  At present, there are only two (of nine) albums up and available for download/listening.  The other seven will be added periodically as time permits. 
There will also be the option to like CrackaJack's material on facebook here in the near future. 

Sideshow 59 will be completing their first album "Free Admission" within the next few weeks,…Read more

Aaannddd... We're Back!  

Hello again people! 

As you may no doubt have noticed - the site is now officially live again.  At the moment the only music profiles that are up and functioning correctly are the Kodi Vanei and the Sideshow 59 pages.  Go have a listen, and if you'd like to download any of the tunes, be sure to register (only members have the permission to download). 

Here's a list of the next things to keep an eye out for: 
  • CrackaJack Page
  • EinStein Page
  • DoubletracK Page
  • Three new Sideshow 59 songs
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New Website System 


As those of you who frequent our website may have noticed, quite a few changes have been made to increase both its efficiency and navigation.  Here is a short list of the changes you may notice: 

New Layout
The layout of D.i.D Productions has been changed in a few ways:
  • There are no longer two aspects of the website.  The forum and the web page have been merged to create an easier and more effective way of navigating the website from the user's standpoint.  This means that you need only…
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Chrome and Firefox Bug/Music Downloads 

It has been brought to our attention that users browsing with Google Chrome and Firefox are having trouble accessing the Forums - rest assured, this issue is on its way to being rectified. We will be working all this week to ensure that the forums, along with the website, are compatible - through and through - with Chrome and Firefox.

We'd like to extend our gratitude to the visitors who have brought this bug to our attention, and ask that you please do not hesitate to let us know if you encounter any…Read more