Some New Stuff for 2013

 What's going on, people?!  It's been a hell of a busy year so far! 

So lets dive right in:  

Sideshow 59 now has a track list of six songs for their newest album, "Free Admission Vol. II."  The list includes:  

Alpha (Stay Hungry)
Blink, Alice

All six songs are available for streaming on the Sideshow 59 profile page; however, none of the tracks from Vol. II will be available for download until the album is complete (won't be long now!).

Vol. I is, and will remain, available for free download to all of our D.i.D members. 

Sideshow 59 will continue to record the last seven songs on the album (spoiler alert: next track will be one called, "In Rhyme and Riddle") over the next few months with the hopes of having the album complete and ready for distribution by the time winter rolls around.  The plan is to release both Vol. I and Vol. II as a two piece CD set to various retail outlets, as well as bombarding all local Rock radio stations with the two CD's (and requests for airtime). 

Around this time, we also hope to have the Sideshow 59 Shop up and running perfectly.  What would we sell, you ask?  Hats, shirts, guitar picks, gloves, writings, lyric books, everything you could possible ever want!  

So keep listening, peeps!  There are good things to come in the near future.  For now, keep rocking!  And thank you all for everything you do.  

- D.i.D Productions Administration