Aaannddd... We're Back!

Hello again people! 

As you may no doubt have noticed - the site is now officially live again.  At the moment the only music profiles that are up and functioning correctly are the Kodi Vanei and the Sideshow 59 pages.  Go have a listen, and if you'd like to download any of the tunes, be sure to register (only members have the permission to download). 

Here's a list of the next things to keep an eye out for: 
  • CrackaJack Page
  • EinStein Page
  • DoubletracK Page
  • Three new Sideshow 59 songs
  • Two new Kodi Vanei songs
  • A "Check This Out" page (where D.i.D Administration will pust links to other artists/websites we think you may find interesting)
Expect to see these new things (in no particular order) added to the website all throughout the next couple of months. 

That is all for now! 

- Kodi Vanei
D.i.D Productions

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