New Website System


As those of you who frequent our website may have noticed, quite a few changes have been made to increase both its efficiency and navigation.  Here is a short list of the changes you may notice: 

New Layout
The layout of D.i.D Productions has been changed in a few ways:
  • There are no longer two aspects of the website.  The forum and the web page have been merged to create an easier and more effective way of navigating the website from the user's standpoint.  This means that you need only register once in order to access the Members Only features of both the forums and the web page.  So the good news is, once you become a member, you are set to interact in the forum, download music/ring tones, and enjoy every aspect of D.i.D Productions for as long as you decide to keep your member profile.  The bad news is, if you had previously registered on our old system, you will, unfortunately, have to register once more (since the old system will no longer exist here very soon). 
  • Because of this new layout, there is no longer any need to have two separate sections for any of the music.  There are no longer any Artist/Band/Musician archives in the forums - everything is kept in one place on the Artist/Band/Musician's page so that everything you may want to find is right there within your reach. 
  • There is no longer a "News & Updates" section on on each band's individual profile - instead, all Arts/Bands/Musicians have access to our main News & Updates section on the homepage, and this is where they will be posting updates. 

Music Player/"Album" Downloads
If you visit any of the music pages, you'll see all the music from that Artist/Band/Musician has been added to a new Media Player (no more browser problems preventing it from showing to certain users), and that we will now be offering the options of downloads (By Artist/Band/Musician request, of course).  If the Artist/Band/Musician allows downloads, you will be capable of downloading single songs or entire Albums (you choose)!

We are, of course, still working on every aspect of the site, and there is a plethora of new things to look forward to in the near future as we adapt to this new system.  For now - Why not get started by Registering right away! 

More info to come, as always...

 - Kodi Vanei

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