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Sideshow 59 NEW ALBUM "Tainted" available 03/02/2020 

The release of Sideshow 59's third studio album, "Tainted" is so close we can tasted it.  With three days until the release we have never been more excited!  This is the first time in the bands history that an entire album is being released at once (vs. the method of releasing each song individually once completed as was the case with Vol. I and Vol. II).  A little bit of information regarding this new album: 

Album Title: Tainted

Track List: 
1. Spin
2. Dissonance
3. Lucid
4. Stranger
5. Vexation [Explicit]

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Sideshow 59 - Live @ Santa Fe Harley-Davidson  

Hey people, 

Sideshow 59 played a charity event for the Keep Santa Fe Beautiful foundation in Santa Fe, NM at the Santa Fe Harley-Davidson dealership this passed weekend.  Many thanks to those who stopped by to rock out and have been sending in pics/videos of the performance. Check some of them out below! 





Beck and Call 



Sideshow 59 New Albums 

Ladies and gentlemen - Kodi and Loki have been busy since the completion of SS59's Vol. II:  

Loki has been writing for the next album, "Loki's Verse," for which both Kodi and Loki have completed recording for the first track "All of the Above," (currently in post production).  Loki's Verse will consist of tracks written in totality by Loki and performed by Kodi where directed.  

Additionally, Kodi has released the first track for a less-spoken-of upcoming album, "Townhome Sessions."  This album is the result…Read more

D.i.D Updates - End of the Year 

Hello people,  

It's been a while since we've gotten the chance to update you all on the happenings here at D.i.D Productions so lets jump right in!  

First and foremost, Sideshow 59 finished has released their second album Free Admission Vol. II back around March of this year.  This completion, of course, is equipped with free downloads of any/all songs on the album for all D.i.D Members (remember - it's free to register!) and hard copies of the album available in the form of a CD (if that's still your cup…Read more

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