Sideshow 59 New Albums

Ladies and gentlemen - Kodi and Loki have been busy since the completion of SS59's Vol. II:  

Loki has been writing for the next album, "Loki's Verse," for which both Kodi and Loki have completed recording for the first track "All of the Above," (currently in post production).  Loki's Verse will consist of tracks written in totality by Loki and performed by Kodi where directed.  

Additionally, Kodi has released the first track for a less-spoken-of upcoming album, "Townhome Sessions."  This album is the result of Kodi challenging himself to write, record, mix, and master an entire album without the use of professional equipment.  The entire album will be recorded in the townhouse he calls home with his family of four (to be more literal - his bedroom closet).  You can find the new track for Townhome Sessions  on the Sideshow 59 page or by Clicking Here

There has not been a completion date set for either album as of yet, but Kodi and Loki will be working diligently on both these projects.  

More on this as it develops... 

 - Administration