D.i.D Updates - End of the Year

Hello people,  

It's been a while since we've gotten the chance to update you all on the happenings here at D.i.D Productions so lets jump right in!  

First and foremost, Sideshow 59 finished has released their second album Free Admission Vol. II back around March of this year.  This completion, of course, is equipped with free downloads of any/all songs on the album for all D.i.D Members (remember - it's free to register!) and hard copies of the album available in the form of a CD (if that's still your cup of tea)  for sale in the Sideshow 59 Store. The final track list for Vol. II is as follows:  

1. Abram (Intro)
2. In Rhyme and Riddle
3. Alpha (Stay Hungry) 
4. Odium 
5. Blink, Alice
6. Dedica
7. Calloused
8. Relapse
9. Fortissimo
10. Dose
11. Subduction
12. Vertrag
13. Therapy (Bonus Track)

With this being the second completed album by Sideshow 59, we have opted to offer three CD's available for purchase in the Sideshow 59 store: Free Admission Vol I, Free Admission Vol. II, and one CD set that includes both Vol. I and Vol. II as part of the same set with graphic and lyric book (signed by Kodi and Loki) for all twenty-five songs (Vol. I and II).  The hard copies for Vol. I and Vol. II are currently in stock and ready to be shipped, but the CD set for both albums is still being developed.  We will update you all on when this product is released for purchase.  

Sideshow 59 has also begun rehearsing to record for it's third album, "Loki's Verse," an album for which Loki will take the ephemeral center stage in writing/producing.  The first song in preproduction, as it stands, is called, "All of the Above," and is expected to hit the recording studio around November 7th.  Sideshow 59 plans to use the same release format for Loki's Verse as was used with Vol. II in that the tracks will be released for free streaming upon completion, but will not be available for download until the completion of the entire album.  

D.i.D Productions is also thrilled to announce that another D.i.D group, "Letters from Ezekkiel," has jumped into pre-production for it's debut album (thus far, Untitled).  To give you a bit of an idea of what to expect, Letters from Ezekkiel will have a much more rough, metal-rooted sound to it than, let's say, Sideshow 59.  While we will not go into too much detail just yet (why spoil the anticipation?) about the group and the music they perform, we will say this: it will definitely fall into the darker side of D.i.D Productions.  We are currently working on a page for them to call home here on didpro.net and will keep you updated as this develops.  

So!  Let's recap:  Be sure to pick up your copy of Sideshow 59's Free Admission Vol. I and/or Vol. II (be it by free digital download or purchase of hard copy), keep listening for their third album, "Loki's Verse," and it's first release, "All of the Above," and finally - be sure to keep your eyes open for the debut of D.i.D Productions' newest group, "Letters from Ezekkiel."  

That is all for this update!  We promise to post more and keep you guys updated.  

- Administration